Skin cancer: Basal cell carcinoma

Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), the most common skin cancer in human. Of 100 skin cancers that we see daily:- 70-80 will be BCCs, the rest will be Squamous cell carcinoma (20-30) and the left over will be melanoma (~5 or less). 
 BCCs generally don't kill however, they do give you scars to remember them by.
The worse areas for troublesome BCCs are: scalp,nose,eyelid,temple.
The least trouble area is the back.  
BCCs  are slow growing cancers. 
There is no urgency in trying to fish them out
 If you don't catch them today - you will catch them tomorrow!
basal cell carcinoma
If a red rash had not resolved with topical steroid, antibiotic or watch-full waiting  then it should be presumed skin cancer esp. basal cell carcinoma. Using a dermatoscope may allow sooner diagnosis.  
basal cell carcinoma
Seborrhoeic dermatitis ( dandruft to the chest ) ? or Bcc. Shining bright light at an angle will reveal a very slight raised shiny undulating surface (better appreciated when the skin is stretched). Notice those tiny specks of blood.
basal cell carcinoma
More of the same.  Bccs displaying same old features of ulceration (blood specs, crustiness), shiny bumps (papules), undulating terrain and irregular edges.

noular and superficial basal cell carcinoma
When a BCC is fully developed it will be very obvious. Here side by side are 2 BCCs, one is a simple red rash and the other is a shiny skin bump with a recurring sore in the middle of the lobulated nodule.

Diagnosing bcc is relatively easy as shown; biopsy of these  cancer is really an unnecessary burden to the patient.